Physiotherapy for animals

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Experienced animal physiotherapy

Liz Tyrrell-Asprey is an experienced animal physiotherapist working with dogs, cats and horses throughout Somerset and Wiltshire.

She is a qualified veterinary nurse and has over 12 years of experience in Remedial & Deep Tissue Massage for humans, with 12 years experience as a Qualified Veterinary Nurse.

To develop her skills in complimentary therapy for animals, Liz trained in Merishia Canine Massage Therapy (2004), completed a ‘Post-Graduate Certificate in Animal Physiotherapy’ (2005), and also trained in Merishia Equine Massage Therapy (2006).

Liz is a member of the professional body, The International Association of Animal Therapists (IAAT).

International Association of Animal Therapists

Agility, working and fly ball

Animal Physiotherapy treatments are a proven therapy to help your animal recover from a variety of conditions and ailments including:

  • Recovery from surgery or injury
  • Seniors with chronic debilitating conditions
  • Movement dysfunction
  • Competitors and hunters
  • Increasing performance or prevention of injury
  • To help improve quality of life

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